So, what is my story?!

Well, my passion for talking, shopping and connecting with new brands is what sparked my curiosity about marketing strategy but my five-year-old son, Bronson, was the driving force behind my leap into the world of entrepreneurship.


In case we haven’t already crossed paths in the business world, let me introduce myself! 

This is about Bronson.

He is my story.

- lover of the Ottawa Valley, storyteller and owner of Amanda Talker Media.


“Was I too hard on him? Am I working too much? Did I give him enough attention? Did he spend too much time watching TV?”

It feels as if I blinked and he was five.

parenting, right? 

Five years of joy, laughter, tears, bumps and bruises. Five years of sleepless nights and pondering the complexities of motherhood. 

rowing up, I adopted the name “Amanda Talker”. I was often told that my storytelling nature was too much, I was too loud, too sensitive and too eccentric. I believed that this was a huge flaw about me and because of that, I have spent much of my life trying to suppress it.


Now that I see the world through Bronson’s eyes, I strive to teach him that being himself is the most amazing gift he can give to the world.  

My biggest wish for Bronson is that he stays confident in who he is, regardless of what other people think. I want to show him that he can follow his dreams and at the end of the day, this starts with ME.

Today, I use these qualities to help brands develop their identity, embody their story and invite their customers to be a part of it.  


with love, 

My voice and my ability to think outside of the box are what make me who I am.

My voice and my ability to think outside of the box are what make me who I am.

Now let’s tell your story. 

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Now let’s tell your story. 

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